Friday, January 21, 2011

MMT Campaign News

I periodically Google the title of my own blog site to chart it's progress and activity, and recently in doing so I came across a particularly important web site that had incorporated a link to my blog and posting of MMT Campaign.   The web site was that of Dr Kevin Snee, Chief executive, Hawkes Bay DHB.    To have my MMT Campaign recognized and acknowledged in such an important, significant way was extremely encouraging and exciting, and indicated that the campaign information and proposals forwarded out were regarded as worthwhile and constructive.

However, there are many Addiction Professionals, DHB Chief executives and Government Officials that have not responded, or in some cases not even acknowledged receipt of my MMT Campaign information, which frankly only indicates their level of, or lack of courtesy towards others opinions and suggestions.   And we wonder why!!  there are major failures and blunders occurring within our Government, and Government funded Organizations and Departments.

1 comment:

  1. VERY encouraging response for your campaign to be put on Dr Snees website. Lets hope some other recipients develop not only a social conscience, but also a concern about the productive use of taxpayer dollars. Keep sending out your never know who might jump on your bandwagon!!