Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Update

To date three letters of acknowledgement to my MMT Campaign have been received from those it was forwarded to.   The wheels of progress turn very slowly when dealing with persons of higher authority and Government Officials.   Readers will be kept informed of the campaigns future progress.

This is an answer to a question that was forwarded to me:    The privacy of campaign supporters emails will be respected.   The Hon. Jonathan Coleman, the Ass. Minister of Health, NZ Government will be the only person besides myself that will be privy to supporters names and addresses.   So continue to support this campaign with confidence, your privacy will always be respected.   The old saying ' it takes a village to raise a child', applies also to those trying to make changes within that village.   One person alone cannot effect changes, but lot's of people together can.

Individules entering into The Methadone Maintenance Treatment program are flawed and vulnerable persons due to their drug addiction.   If a treatment program is going to operate for them with flaws, and without conscience, then it allows failure without justification.   I have had brief contact with other participants whom have been on The Methadone program long term, and their experiences with Methadone regarding their drug addiction are the same as Shane's.    Indications are, that only about 20% of participants using Methadone deem it as a successful treatment option for their drug addiction.    Personal experiences and views of The Methadone Maintenance program from other participants, ex-participants and, or their families would be welcome and appreciated.    You can remain anonymous by contacting me privately by email.

I will be loading a normal posting on blog tomorrow.

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