Saturday, February 19, 2011

Important Message

I have recently received emails from two readers of my blog about their own personal experiences regarding Methadone.   I feel very privileged these two persons have trusted me enough to communicate their stories, and would like to reassure them and any others wishing to do the same that all personal contact with me will remain strictly confidential.   No information, personal story or experience that is forwarded to me will be publicized, or used towards my blog or MMT Campaign unless I'm intructed or permitted to do so.

I do have an appointment on February 28th with Robert Steenhuisen, Regional Manager CADS Auckland.   Community Alcohol & Drug Services (CADS) operate and are responsible for The Methadone Maintenance programme, so this meeting regarding my MMT Campaign is very important, and the opportunity it extends is one I intend to grasp whole heartedly.   Any readers of my blog whom wish to contribute towards this meeting can do so by forwarding their views, experiences or stories, whether they be positive or negative about Methadone or the programme via my email address prior to the 28th.

Some professionals within the drug addiction sector and our Government Associate Minister of Health, Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman have definite views and perceptions of the MMT programme, and of the drug Methadone.   Dr Jonathan Coleman's recent response to me insinuated that my portrayal of Shane's experience on The Methadone Treatment programme, the addictive nature of Methadone, and of the drugs withdrawal problems is without justification, and also that the programme or the drug Methadone wasn't responsible for Shane's problems or escalation of his addiction.   Therefore my claims that this addiction treatment programme is a failure and that there are misdemeanours occurring within this programme is unfounded.   In other words Shane was at fault, not the programme or the drug Methadone.   Maybe I was just imagining what I lived, breathed and witnessed on almost a daily basis for 14 years, do you readers think I was?   But at this time I cannot prove otherwise to Dr Jonathan Coleman or his professional addiction advisors, so any contribution from others would be extremely beneficial and much appreciated.

Yes, my blog is a platform for the MMT Campaign, firstly to promote and incite changes to The Methadone programme, secondly to instil awareness about Methadone to discourage others contemplating it as a drug addiction treatment, and I'm passionate and dedicated about that aspect of my blog.   But the real heart, soul and essence of my blog and also a purpose for sharing Shane's drug addiction story and his years of Methadone treatment was that it would hopefully give support, encouragement and comfort to those inflicted with a drug addiction, and/or their families.   To know my blog is being embraced in the way I hoped it would be is not only rewarding, but also very heartening.

I apologize for leaving my blog readers up in the air for so long about Shane's addiction journey.   There will be a posting put on updating you all about that in approximately one weeks time.


  1. Gosh, I wish I could help, but a kid's experience in the U.S. on MMT isn't going to impact the CADS in NZ very much I don't think LOL

  2. You're right Fractalmom. The MMT programme in US is different in many ways to the MMT programme in NZ. It is a pity that is so because I have some very dedicated followers like yourself all with their own drug addiction family orientated problems, and that kind of support would have been invaluable for aiding my MMT Campaign. Thanks for the comment anyway and for following my blog. LOL to you also.