Sunday, February 13, 2011

MMT Campaign Link

Another Google search brings another important, significant find regarding my MMT Campaign.

The web site of Dr Alfred Dell'Ario, Clinical Director of Alcohol & Drug Services, Canterbury DHB also has a link to my blog and MMT Campaign.   To have my campaign proposals and views regarding The Methadone Maintenance programme acknowledged and recognized as worthwhile and constructive by two such high profile important persons as Dr Dell'Ario and Dr Snee is an extremely positive result.   Another encouraging result and acknowledgment of my campaign proposals has been from Robert Steenhuisen, Regional Manager CADS Auckland, whom I have an appointment with on February 28th to further discuss issues I raised regarding The Methadone Maintenance programme.

My blog was always intended as a platform for my MMT Campaign.   However, I felt Shane's drug addiction and his years on The Methadone Maintenance programme needed to be told, if only to give understanding, credibility and purpose for my campaign.   My story about Shane was also to expose the other side of drug addiction, the effects and ramifications it has on families and loved ones.   This is a side and perspective of addiction that most professionals within the addiction arena I'm told aren't often privy to.

The success of any campaign depends entirely on how much interest and awareness it generates, and this 2010 MMT Campaign has definitely achieved that, which I credit to having my own web site and blog.   Hence, why this current campaign has received more recognition and positive results than my other two previous campaign in 2007 & 2008 did.

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