Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovery Is Just A New Battle For The Addicted

Shane's drug addiction had spanned twenty five years when he entered into the Odyssey House residential rehabilitation programme.   Shane may have controlled his addiction reasonably well in the early years but he certainly didn't in the later years, how he survived those years without overdosing his beyond belief.   Some may profess it was just good luck that he did but I truly believe it was god's will and his way of giving Shane a second chance at life.

Shane entering into rehabilitation in April 2007 for his addiction was the answer to a mother's prayer and dream for her son.   Shane had to face his demons with real courage and conviction though to overcome his embattled life of drug addiction and he vowed and declared long before graduating Odyssey's rehabilitation programme in September 2009 that drugs would never become part of his life again.

This vow and declaration has helped determine his path of recovery and today two years on Shane is still clean and free of drugs.   He remains in the same employment position that he obtained while in Odyssey House back in 2009 and he has been in a solid, supportive, loving relationship for the last eighteen months.   His partner has an adorable little three year old son whom Shane is a wonderful, hand's on stepdad to.   So Shane's life has been rewarded and enriched in many ways since taking those first steps to become drug free four years ago.

Shane is very appreciative and respectful of the Odyssey House rehabilitation programme but he doesn't believe in living in the past, so his rehabilitation and years of drug addiction isn't something he reflects or dwells upon a great deal.   Shane's attitude and focus is only on the years ahead now regarding his life, relationship and recovery.

Shane's story of drug addiction and Methadone treatment has come to an end.   I hope my experience and views as a parent of a drug addicted loved one has been of some value and comfort to other parents or to those inflicted with an addiction.   However, from time to time I plan to continue putting forward my experience/ views and information regarding Methadone and drug addiction, so my blog will not end.

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