Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living In Recovery

In recovery or living in recovery, is a metaphorical term that is used to explain the stage after rehabilitation regarding one's addiction.   It's general meaning is taking one day at a time and it is the golden rule within rehabilitation and support group programme's.    It is presumed or said to be the most difficult stage or phase for those suffering with an addiction, but I kind of disagree.   Don't all addict's or those with an addiction live one day at a time all the years of their addiction anyway, so on this assumption being in recovery is what those with an addiction are used to doing or living with, their addiction has made, trained or taught them to do this.   An addict's life has revolved this way and probaby has so for many years, it's always been moment to moment, day to day and week to week in between sourcing and scoring just to survive their addiction.
Frankly I think the most difficult stage for those addicted is recognizing their addiction and getting to this recovery stage. 

Shane and I talk periodically about rehab, recovery and addiction, not a lot because he wants to live in the now not in the past, however, he does semi agree saying 'recovery' is the term and it is what it is but thinks maybe living in or with temptation would be a more accurate and appropriate metaphoric term or stage to use, because that's what life after rehab is really all about.   Once an addict always an addict as the saying goes, your addiction is never cured, rehabilitation can only teach how to control the urge or mindset of it.   Shane say's he's lucky being the age he is regarding being in recovery, as those in their mid forties like himself seem to have a bit more control regards the temptation or urge to use again and don't put themselves at risk or in risky situations, so they probably have a better chance of success than those younger coming out of rehabilitation.   The younger you are the harder the 'recovery' stage is, this age group still wants or needs to socialize and party, so the temptation and contact with those that are addicted and still using is much more prominent where this age group is concerned.   Shane's says he's just happy to have what he has now and doesn't have the desire or need for more.   But being 'in recovery' is the term and only those that are in the process of it know the real message behind it.   Recovery, temptation is what life is for those addicted, but it's also the same for the families and loved ones that are or have lived with their addiction, our lives are in this 'recovery' stage as well.

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