Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reader's Methadone Detox Regime

Methadone is an extremely controlling, burdensome substance for most that are using it.    Taking Methadone becomes the user's daily grind, their 'liquid handcuffs', it is a substance that most have a love - hate relationship with, they hate the control and power it possess but love that it eases their pain and craving.   However, ending the relationship with Methadone, withdrawing or detoxing from it even if deeply desired can be a very difficult almost fearful task.   Therefore anything that can impede or aid the detoxification process off Methadone is definitely worth reporting or passing onto readers.

This detox regime is from one of my blog followers which she has kindly permitted me to pass on:   This lady has been on Methadone for 10 years for back/pain surgeries and has found this method or detox regime very helpful.  The following is quoted from her email:

I first ordered New Chapter Turmeric Force and the New Ginger Force ( I presume these are books), then I ordered the Ultra Clear Ph medical food/powder.   In ONE WEEK I was able to go from 30mg of Methadone a day down to 10mg a day.( I feel this figure may be a typing error on her part, it seems a lot to withdraw down in one week)   It was for the most part painless.   I am on edge a bit but I also take Lexapro for depression so I assume that is helping me.

The one thing I have noticed is that if I eat suger (sweets) then my body pains come back tenfold.   I also realized I am able to take the Ultra Clear Ph TWO times daily so that has really helped in the afternoons with the withdrawals.

I felt this detox regime was worth passing on, especially if it helps others as much as it has this lady.  Good luck to all out there attempting Methadone withdrawal.   Stay Strong and Positive, it is worth every ounce of effort and determination you put in.


  1. First of all thank you for sharing this article! I found your blog while researching Methadone Detox online because I have a family member going through their own struggles right now. I'm happy that woman was able to cure herself following that regime, and I definitely agree with you; one of the biggest things you have to do is stay strong and positive. Thanks again for sharing and helping!

  2. Hi! That was ME that she quoted! I did in fact drop that much in a week. I did end up taking Ativan and Ultram to cut away some agitation for about 3 weeks. Then I was done. Haven't taken an opioid since.

  3. Tumeric Force and Ginger Force are supplements I ordered online. The powder mix I took twice daily smelled like dog food but that was what kept the deep bone pain at a minimum.