Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Generation. New Drug

I apologise to my followers/readers for kind of abandoning my blog of late.   Shane's drug addiction/Methadone story was the platform and main reason for starting this blog and now that his story has come to an end, my passion re: my blog has waned a little.   But I haven't lost sight of the fact that there are still lots of issue's regarding addictions that need to be aired and written about.   So this posting is about our new generation coming through, my grandchildrens generation.   It's a whole new ball-game out there today for them.   The temptations and peer pressure that surrounds teenager's today regarding drugs/alcohol is huge and very worrying.

I can't speak for other countries, but in New Zealand we appear to now have a major problem with a new drug called 'Kronic'.   It is a synthetic cannabis type drug, apparently highly addictive and can be purchased at, what we in NZ refer to as our local 'dairy', (little food/market shop.)   No identification or age limit required to purchase this stuff, children as young as 10 years old are buying and smoking this new drug called 'Kronic'.   It's obviously less expensive than cannabis/marijuana but gives the same, if not more satisfaction.   Because this drug is legal, is cheap and can be purchased so easily we have a new very young generation with addiction problems looming up.   Many years ago the problem drug was 'Heroin', then came 'Methamphetamine (P), now it's 'Kronic'.   I think the drug 'P' re: it's addictive nature and problems still seems to rank and take precedence in NZ anyway over all other addictive drugs being used and abused.   Nevertheless, I presume addiction experts are well aware of this new drug and it's addictive qualities.   Therefore there should be help readily available for this new generation of addiction coming through!!!!!

But it's not only illicit drug's, legal or otherwise that is of concern regarding teenager's in today's society.   Alcohol is another major problem for teens here in NZ, binge drinking and problems arising from that is rampant most weekends.   Alcohol, with it's 'lollipop' mix's and different alcohol strengths is the reason for  our youth binge drinking problem.     Some responsibility though must be levelled at  liquor retailers/outlets for the way they market and present these alcoholic beverages/mix's merely to entice young buyers.   All these lovely coloured, fancy looking bottles of alcohol mix's is just to tempting for our young teens.   Drinking 3 or 4 of these alcoholic mix's especially the high end strengths of 8 and 11% is not what our young teens bodies or brains can handle.   These alcoholic drinks are just so nice and easy to drink, but the teens drinking them aren't equipped or experienced enough to know or guage the consequences or effects these alcoholic beverages have on them.   Hence, undignified binge drinking, violence and drunk driving, sometimes fatal car accidents.

It's tough being a teenager growing up today, trying to obey rules parents impose but at the same time trying to keep up and impress friends and everyone else around them.   We've all got to learn, it's part of life's experience and journey.    However, sadly for some of this new generation coming through life's experiences are going to leave them with a bitter sweet taste.

My oldest grandchildren are: 20, 18 and 2 x 16 year olds and so far so good with them, but they have grown up with their uncle Shane's drug addiction and maybe witnessing and experiencing his addiction has helped them to be more aware and better equipped regards alcohol and drugs, I don't know.    I'm just thankful we don't have any major problems in our midst, but I do feel concern for all those teens out there that aren't equipped or aware and do have problems.

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  1. In the US what you describe as Kronic is called K-2. There are states outlawing the sale of K-2 because of the same issue you have there in NZ.

    Now the same people promoting K-2 are selling something they call "Bath Salts". It has the effect of meth mixed with cocaine. These sellers of poison are terrible.